How to Request a Stay of Foreclosure in Nebraska

Foreclosure comes in two forms:  Judicial and Non-judicial.  Judicial foreclosure proceedings are lawsuits filed in the District Court of Nebraska against the property owner to determine the amount owed and, if the owner is in default, it results in a publicly advertised Sheriff Sale of the real property.  The homeowner receives a Summons from the […]

7 Rules About Making Payments to a Bill Collector


Working with bill collectors can be challenging.  They come in different flavors and styles—some low key and professional and others harsh and downright rude.  A frequent complaint I hear is that they won’t take payments and demand the entire balance be paid at once or they will sue.  The new model of bill collection firms […]

Debt Settlement Taxes


Debt settlement is a popular alternative to filing bankruptcy.  It avoids the public embarrassment associated with filing bankruptcy and entanglement with the court system.  However, debt settlement can create tax problems if you receive tax form 1099-C: Cancellation of Debt. When a debt is settled for less than the balance owed, the creditor frequently files […]