What happens at the bankruptcy court hearing?


About one month after a bankruptcy case is filed the debtor must attend a court hearing and meet the bankruptcy trustee.  Sometimes this hearing is called the “Meeting of Creditors” because creditors have the right to attend and ask questions, although they rarely do.  Lawyers call this hearing the “341 Hearing” because is required under […]

7 Rules About Making Payments to a Bill Collector


Working with bill collectors can be challenging.  They come in different flavors and styles—some low key and professional and others harsh and downright rude.  A frequent complaint I hear is that they won’t take payments and demand the entire balance be paid at once or they will sue.  The new model of bill collection firms […]

Are you being sued because your health insurance did not pay a claim?


“Insurance is the business of collecting premiums.” Jorge was explaining to me why he needed to file bankruptcy.  Lots of medical debts, about $50,000 in total.  Most of it came from a heart attack he suffered a year ago.  The odd thing was, he had health insurance through his employer but his claim was denied […]

Zombie Homes Update: Can you force the bank to take back a home?


An article I wrote on Zombie homes a while back generated a lot of response.  A lot of folks across this country were struggling with the same problem.  They moved out of a home they no longer could afford and quit making the mortgage payment. Many of these folks had filed a bankruptcy case and […]

Protecting Your Business in Bankruptcy: Is it time to Incorporate Again?


We represent lots of small business owners in Nebraska bankruptcy cases.  Starting a new business is an expensive learning experience.  There is an old saying that it takes seven years to grow a business. If you can survive seven years with doing things wrong–seven years of correcting your assumptions of how the business should advertise, […]